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10 secret tips for more wins in the WL! 😱🥇

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Explained in a Nutshell

In 10 briefly summarised tips, you get all the input you need to perform better in the WL. The reading time is a maximum of one hour, so you can start implementing them straight away!

Better Rewards

With these tips, you are guaranteed better results in the Weekend League. You will also get better rewards and perform better in tournaments.

Contact to Pro-Gamers

Even though this is not coaching, you will get in touch with e-sportsmen who are always happy to help you with any questions! We have 3 e-athletes for PS, 2 for XBOX and 2 for PC.

For Beginners & Pros

The tips are explained in such a way that both beginners and advanced users can easily implement them. This way, the first successes can be achieved directly.

Direct Access to Ebook

After placing your order, you will receive a PDF file to download on the order confirmation page and also by e-mail. The ebook can be read on PCs, smartphones, tablets and ebook readers. You will be informed about updates free of charge by e-mail.

10 secret WL tips! (ebook)

£7.77 £12.95

This guide contains 10 tips guaranteed to help you win more games in FUT Champions. We've worked with top players from the FUT Champions rankings to help you get the best possible rewards.

We have condensed the 10 tips so that you can work through this ebook in less than an hour and apply the tips directly.

This ebook can be read on any computer, smartphone, ebook reader.... e-book reader.

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"Super! Great tips and tricks and all that for a few bucks. I hope there will be more from you soon!"


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"Great team and always there for everyone. 100% chance to get better, no matter what mode. Good effort from the esports people to explain and perfect the game to us normal."


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"The price/performance ratio is very good. Very helpful for beginners but also suitable for experienced players like myself."


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"I usually don't read books, but here it was really easy and illustrated with pictures. Everything was helpful and easy to understand - excellent!"

Bilaal Janar

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"I bought the FUT Academy ebook for my son as a present. I don't know anything about FIFA myself, but my son was very happy and said after a few days that he had already learned a lot that he didn't know before. If even the kids start reading, then it must be good :)"


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"Ten out of ten! ✔🚀"

Brent P.

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